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As Bitcoin is becoming even more popular in recent times, it is no wonder that casino game providers have started implementing the token as a payment option, alongside fiat currencies. Furthermore, some developers have started adding exclusive bonuses for crypto users, which adds to the attraction of playing slots using Bitcoin.

It is well-known that slot machines are the more popular side of games in the virtual space. If you already have any experience with crypto casinos, you probably know that the “Slots” sections usually contain the biggest fraction of the casino’s library. 

There are all sorts of different slots, including some that have exclusive partnerships with organizations such as the WBO (World Boxing Organization), the WDF (World’s Darts Federation), even some that partner with certain celebrities to create fascinating gameplay experiences and act as an attraction.

But now you might be wondering, why would you want to try playing ordinary slot games using crypto? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Is there a catch to it? We will try to provide sufficient information to answer all such questions you might have.

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What are bitcoin slots?Why play Bitcoin Slots?

Right off the bat, we want to let you know that if you play any Bitcoin slots, you will be allowed to play even from restricted areas around the world, that do not necessarily allow crypto gambling or even any sort of gambling. But as you might already know, Bitcoin transactions are completely anonymous, as no personal data is required. Additionally, no government can tamper with the transactions, nor can they manipulate or monitor them.

It is also becoming a trend amongst game providers to develop provably fair slots. If you don’t exactly know what that means, allow us to explain real quick. Provably Fair is a term used to check the fairness of a game, put simply. Additionally, all such games are checked and verified by a third party. This is possible due to the blockchain technology Bitcoin uses, which helps randomize the outcome of each spin.

If you have gone through any of our crypto casino reviews, you have probably noticed that Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals usually have lower requirements when converted to fiat, in comparison to the requirements for regular fiat payment methods.

Aside from that, with Bitcoin slots and games, conversion rates are a thing of the past, as you will only need to pay a small mining fee whenever you deposit or withdraw. This is a huge advantage in front of regular online casinos, as it wouldn’t matter what the original currency of any casino is. All of this means that you will be depositing, playing, and withdrawing using Bitcoin only.

What are the advantages of Bitcoin Slots?

You might be wondering what the previous section was about if we have the advantages here? Well, we will be breaking down the details so you can actually see the more advantageous side of Bitcoin slots.

When it comes to the betting limits, you must know that you will be able to bet as little as $0.01 when converted to Bitcoin, and even less in some slots. This is due to a couple of things. First off, providers are trying to attract players of all sorts, both low-risk and high-roll, to their slots by allowing them to bet lower and higher than any fiat slot. 

Aside from that, regular online casinos are prevented from allowing higher maximum bet amounts mostly due to financial regulations, which do not apply to Bitcoin, as there are no such rules. 

Providers also have started adding special bonuses and promotions for players who use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to play their slots, allowing you to take advantage of many wonderful features.

Pros and Cons


Anonymity – You will remain completely anonymous whilst using Bitcoin as a currency to play at online crypto casinos, due to the nature of how the transactions happen via blockchain technology. No personal information is required to make a transaction, thus keeping your privacy intact.

No Restrictions – As it is well-known, some governments do not allow players to gamble, or sometimes even use cryptocurrencies. Additionally, some regular slots also restrict players from certain countries from playing. These rules go out the window when it comes to Bitcoin slots.

Crypto-only Games – Providers have recently begun developing crypto-only and crypto-oriented slots, where some even have special features from Bitcoin and crypto players, allowing for bigger rewards.

Low Conversion Rates – In regular casinos, you will have to convert any winnings from slots, in the form of a fee, which does not apply to Bitcoin, as there are only small, sometimes unnoticeable, mining fees.

Expanded Betting Limits – Whether you are a player who likes betting small or someone who likes to go all out, Bitcoin slots got you all covered as providers have added fewer wage restrictions in order to attract more players this way, and as it is also convenient for the more confident players.


Cryptocurrency Volatility – Bitcoin slots have so many advantages over regular slots, but there is one thing that cannot be overlooked and it is the fact that Bitcoin can drop quite a lot only in a few hours, although the upside is that it can also grow. This means that by the time you want to withdraw your winnings, they might be less or more than you previously expected, so please bear that in mind.

Game Unavailability – As Bitcoin has only recently come to the stage in front of the eyes of developers, there are quite a few popular games that do not support the token as a betting method. This also includes a portion of the most recent games on the market.

Types of Bitcoin Slots

It will come as no surprise the Bitcoin slots come in different variations. Aside from the two general types – progressive and non-progressive jackpots, we will also talk about other aspects that each slot differentiates from the rest. 

First off, what is the difference between both types of jackpots? Let’s start off with non-progressive jackpots. These are the games that have a specific fixed jackpot, where you will need to land a particular combination of symbols, in order to grab ahold of it. Let’s say you are playing on a 3 reel and 3-row layout and the top paying symbol is “7”. For the sake of the example, you will probably need to land the symbol in each possible slot, making for a total of 9x “7” symbols, where you will win the 1 BTC jackpot and it will not go up or down.

Progressive jackpots, as the name suggests, will keep on changing as you play. This means that the jackpot itself is not fixed like the non-progressive. A more practical example here will be the lotto, as strange as that sounds. The more people play, the more bets are placed, and the higher the jackpot gets. If someone manages to win the jackpot, it comes to a “reset”.

Now let’s talk about the chances of winning each of the jackpots. Some might think it is more logical to play progressive jackpot Bitcoin slots, but the truth is that you will have better chances of walking away with the jackpot from a non-progressive slot. In comparison to video poker, it is very hard to calculate the odds of landing the jackpot. Although no specific chance can be stated, it is well-known among players that progressive jackpots are harder to land in contrast to their non-progressive counterparts.

Aside from these two types, you will also be playing slots that come with different thematics, storylines, music, bonuses, features, game speeds, etc. 

What we hope for in this section is to assist you by expanding your knowledge on the different types of Bitcoin slots, which will make it easier to pick games from now on.

Final Words

Bitcoin is increasingly becoming a more popular payment method. This opens the door for software developers to expand their reach, by creating games that accept crypto, crypto-oriented games, and crypto-only games. However, what you should be interested in are the many advantages that come with playing Bitcoin slots. 

All the Bitcoin slots have great betting limits, allowing both low-risk and high-roll players to enjoy gaming. Aside from that, you will be able to bypass country restrictions as using Bitcoin is completely anonymous.

We definitely suggest going through the thought of trying out Bitcoin slots at crypto casinos. If you are already here, that means this topic has most likely grabbed your interest already. If you are still wondering which crypto casino exactly to try, we suggest going through our homepage, where we have all casinos rated after thorough analysis.

Bitcoin Slots FAQ

It is a well-known fact that by using Bitcoin you will be remaining completely anonymous, which also translates into Bitcoin slots. Aside from that, you will be able to bypass any government and gaming restrictions there might be. Other great advantages are access to crypto-only games, low conversion rates, and great betting limits.

There are 2 main types of Bitcoin slots, that also applies to regular slots, which are the non-progressive and progressive jackpots. The non-progressive slots are what you will be coming across more often, which is static jackpots. The progressive slots offer jackpots that change in value until someone wins them after which they get reset.

As time passes more and more Bitcoin slots are becoming provably fair by a third party, meaning you can verify whether or not your spin has been fair.

It is true that in recent days, most slots that are coming out support Bitcoin, but it is also a fact that older slots, even the more popular ones, do not support Bitcoin as of right now.

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Victor Stuard

Victor Stuard

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