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Many people are leaning towards crypto casinos nowadays, mainly because of the hype around tokens in 2021. With the surge of token owners, the number of players trying out crypto casinos was raised as well. There are new tokens getting released all the time, and it is quite tough for most to reach stardom. However, one that stands out due to specific reasons is Zcash.

We will get into more detail about Zcash in a moment, but just keep in mind that it is seeing hundreds of millions of volume daily, and is within the top 60 cryptocurrencies by market cap. The main goal of the Zcash network is privacy and anonymity. Both are great news for crypto casino enthusiasts, as remaining unknown is a great benefit for many.

Zcash has been around for quite some time now, ever since 2016, but is still keeping up with the new stars in the crypto industry, and even outperforming many. We will explore how Zcash works, what are its benefits, advantages, and disadvantages. So without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

What is Zcash (ZEC)?

Zcash is a decentralized cryptocurrency mainly focused on keeping the privacy and anonymity of its users. It uses a particular technology named zk-SNARK, which allows for the verification of transactions without the revealing of sensitive personal information.

Just to make sure everyone’s on the same page, Zcash allows for anonymity, while many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are rather pseudonymous. Those cryptocurrencies track each address and transaction to it, which means nobody is exactly anonymous but is rather hiding behind their wallet’s address.

However, due to regulatory requirements, there is an option to reveal data about transactions, if completely necessary. For example, this can happen when a hacker attacks the network and successfully steals tokens.



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Benefits of Zcash (ZEC) Casinos

Of course, it goes without saying that Zcash casinos’ main advantage is the optional anonymity they provide. We say optional because they also allow their owners to make transactions with open personal details. This happens in one of two ways, transparent and shielded transactions. We won’t get into details, but one of these lets you remain anonymous, the other does not. The choice is up to you.

Naturally, Zcash is also a decentralized network, operated and managed by a huge amount of people and computers in the form of nodes. This means that no one entity or person controls Zcash. Furthermore, governments cannot tamper or manipulate the transactions of such cryptocurrencies, which is becoming a more and more appealing advantage nowadays. This also means that your crypto casino activity cannot be traced back to you.

Since a recent update on Zcash, the block time was reduced down to 75 seconds. This allows for quick deposits and withdrawals at crypto casinos, as well as on crypto exchange platforms. When compared to Bitcoin’s block time of 10 minutes, this is extremely fast. However, there is one more great advantage when talking about transactions.

Transaction fees are a non-negligible part of cryptocurrencies. Mainly because of profits, people are looking for tokens with potential that also offer low transaction fees. Zcash has a default transaction cost of 0.00001 ZEC, which is less than a cent, with the current price of Zcash at $138.42. Even in the long term, no matter how many deposits and withdrawals you make, the fees will be unnoticeable.

Cryptocurrencies are gaining a lot of popularity due to their availability and lack of restrictions when it comes to regulations. Many governments are trying to place rules upon cryptocurrencies but it is not that easy. This is mainly because if you simply use VPN software, you will be completely untraceable. Transferring this to crypto casinos means you will be further masking your activity.

Some Zcash casinos offer exclusive deposit bonuses and other benefits to users who deposit using ZEC or other crypto payment methods. This is great, as it essentially means free monetary benefits for just using crypto. You will be able to top-up your account way faster this way.

The rest of the benefits we will put into our Pros & Cons sub-section, which can be found below.


Pros & Cons

Sections like Pros & Cons have always been appealing due to the easy readability, neat organization, and overall convenience. Just a second ago we looked over some of the advantages of Zcash casinos. However, we must also look at all potential disadvantages. Our main focus is on providing transparent information on all crypto topics, across all of our articles.


  • Focus On Privacy & Anonymity – The network of Zcash is mainly focused on privacy and anonymity. This is a great attraction for those who don’t want to be tracked by people and government officials. You can translate this directly to hidden crypto casino activity, as most casinos accept players using VPN services.
  • Decentralized Cryptocurrency – Because Zcash is a completely decentralized network, which restricts any third parties from tampering or manipulating the transactions or activity on the blockchain. This further ensures your privacy will be remaining intact.
  • Network Security – Zcash uses the same hash function that Bitcoin does – the proof-of-work SHA-256. As of currently, there are no successful hacking attempts, which speaks for itself. Security of the network could mean a lot for your assets, due to the possible volatility following such an event.
  • No Borders – Same as most other tokens, ZEC is also available for worldwide use. This means that all rules and restrictions placed by governments are thrown out the window because the Zcash network is completely decentralized. Any citizen of such a country will be able to enjoy their crypto experience.
  • Negligible Transaction Costs – The transaction cost of a ZEC transaction is quite less than a single cent, which means that even in the long term, your deposits and withdrawals won’t compound noticeable fees.
  • Crypto Games Expanded Betting Limits – Because fiat currencies are tightly regulated, game providers are highly restricted when it comes to betting limits. Cryptocurrencies are bliss for them and players alike because it allows them to reduce the minimum bet amount, as well as increase the maximum, in comparison to fiat betting limits.
  • Casino Benefits For Crypto Deposits – Making a deposit with Zcash or other cryptos at crypto casinos is highly beneficial. This is mostly because crypto casinos have unique bonuses for crypto deposits.



  • Crypto Market Is Highly Volatile – When compared to other financial markets, the crypto market is a newborn baby, which naturally puts it in a highly volatile situation. The problem with this is that you can never be sure if by the time you withdraw your winnings if Zcash is going to be priced the same.
  • Curacao License – Curacao is not well-known for being a great regulator, however, owners literally have no other options. This is because of MGA and UKGC and their disagreement to work with crypto casinos. Issue here is that this enables more casino owners to fraudulent activity.
  • Integration – Zcash is a cryptocurrency that’s not accepted at all crypto casinos. However, many casinos accept requests for payment methods by their players, so it is a good idea to reach out to customer support.

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How To Buy Zcash (ZEC)

Zcash is a rather big cryptocurrency, currently ranked at #66 by market cap, which is a good reason for many crypto exchange platforms to accept the purchase and sale of the token. Such CEXs include Binance, Coinbase, Huobi Global, KuCoin, Kraken, Gemini, and more. The more a token is listed on major platforms, the higher the growth potential.

Now, before you go and purchase Zcash, you will need a crypto wallet. However, the good news is that most CEXs have their own integrated crypto wallet, which is very convenient for crypto newbies, and not only.

Crypto exchange platforms that have integrated wallets are Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, KuCoin, and many others. But if you are looking for a third-party crypto wallet, you can look at the most popular option nowadays, which is MetaMask.

How to make a deposit at a Zcash (ZEC) casino?

Create and account

First of all, you will need to create an account and log in.

Deposit Zcash

Once in, locate the "deposit" button, which usually is in the top section.

Choose ZCash

Choose ZEC from the currency list that will be shown.

Make a ZCash transaction

An address of a crypto wallet will be shown. Make a transaction to it and it will immediately add the amount to your crypto account's balance.


As we analyzed, Zcash casinos are the perfect place for those who want to keep their privacy and remain anonymous for the most part. There are many benefits that Zcash casinos can offer, that others cannot. This includes the completely negligible transaction costs and block time. Furthermore, Zcash is a token available on most major platforms, which makes it easily accessible.

Zcash casinos are also great for newer players who wish to explore the sector, due to the great minimal bet amount in crypto games, which are often less than $0.01. We can definitely say that Zcash casinos are a great place for everyone.

We have left an FAQ section below, where you will find some additional information.


Since Zcash is a rather popular cryptocurrency, many cryptocurrency exchange platforms look to adopt the token in order to attract more customers. This is a win-win situation for both parties, as both get what they want. 

Currently, ZEC is available for purchase on CEXs such as Binance, Coinbase, Gate, Huobi Global, KuCoin, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bybit, Gemini, and more than 100 others.

Yes, you will. This is because Zcash’s main focus is privacy and anonymity. Reaching that goal was probably not easy, but they are also a completely decentralized platform, that allows its users to remain completely anonymous during all activity related to Zcash. Of course, this naturally translates to crypto casinos as well. If you wish to further mask your activity, we suggest the use of a VPN service.

Well, there are many benefits that Zcash casinos offer, that regular online casinos cannot. To name a few, you will remain completely anonymous, the network is decentralized, meaning nobody can tamper with the transactions, transaction fees and times are extremely low, crypto-only bonuses from the casinos, and expanded crypto games betting limits. 

Arguably, yes. We say arguably because the only license a Zcash casino can use is from Curacao. However, experienced players know that Curacao is far from a great regulator. Furthermore, owners have no other choice, because better regulators do not wish to affiliate with the crypto casino industry as of yet. There are many rumors that this will be changing soon, but right now, the Curacao license is the only one working with crypto casinos.

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