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Each and every day new cryptocurrencies arise in the crypto market. Not only that but there are many “Bitcoin” alternatives that even partially adopt the same name. However, what is the difference between each version of Bitcoin? Are they made by the same developers? And most of all, why would anyone want to use them instead of Bitcoin or other, more popular tokens.

Well, this is an article that will give an answer to all of your questions, but for starters, it should be known that Bitcoin SV in particular is not part of the developers behind Bitcoin. We will talk more about the history of BSV in a moment, but before that, let’s talk crypto casinos.

Crypto casinos have never been more hyped than they are right now. There cannot be a comparison at all. Since the crypto market boom in 2021, more people started buying tokens, resulting in more people looking for ways to spend crypto for entertainment. One of these stops, of course, is the crypto casinos industry. It is a fun way to pass time for many out there.

In order to understand why you might want to try BSV as a payment method, we’ll have to look at what BSV is, and what its benefits are. If you are not interested in the history of the token and how it works, you can skip that sub-section. Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

What is Bitcoin SV (BSV)?

Bitcoin SV stands for Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision. Satoshi Nakamoto is the alleged creator of Bitcoin, the first-ever cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin SV blockchain was developed in 2018, as a hard fork of Bitcoin Cash, which is a fork of Bitcoin. Forking is the term used when a blockchain partially copies the operational code of another blockchain, using it as a foundation, but with changes in the protocol.

The goal of BSV is to stay true to the whitepaper written by Satoshi Nakamoto, aiming for scalability and stability, becoming an enterprise-level blockchain supporting dApps, decentralized finances, and more.

nChain, the team behind BSV, has unbound the block size of BSV, resolving many of the issues Bitcoin has in terms of congestion. In theory, this allows the blockchain to process tens of thousands of transactions, but also maintain adequate transaction fees. Additionally, BSV offers advanced capabilities such as smart contracts, personalized tokens, computation, data usages, and more.

BSV also offers companies and agencies an attractive field to experiment with the blockchain technology, attracting many enterprises and government users.

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Benefits of Bitcoin SV (BSV) Casinos

Crypto casinos differentiate from each other due to many factors. Obviously, the first is what currencies they accept, and what these currencies can offer. These tokens can offer decentralization, anonymity, transaction costs & speed, availability, scalability, and other features that regular fiat currencies can never.

For BSV, the main difference is the potential it has to become truly decentralized. For now, the network is only partially decentralized, but in the upcoming years, it is expected to reach its final form. This means that no governments or organizations of any sort will be able to tamper or manipulate anything that happens on the network. Translating this into crypto casinos it will mean that nobody will know whether or not you are making deposits to and withdrawals from a crypto casino.

Anonymity is another strong point that BSV has (or rather pseudonymity). This is possible because of its partial decentralization as well as the fact that the network does not require you to provide extensive personal information. Additionally, each transaction is masked, meaning nobody will know whether or not it is your or someone else’s.

Because decentralization and pseudonymity are such important factors of BSV, this also allows the token to be available worldwide. Of course, this shouldn’t surprise you as most cryptocurrencies are available worldwide. What this means is that no matter where someone is and whether there are government rules placed against cryptocurrencies or crypto casinos, they can easily be bypassed with the help of a VPN network. However, not all crypto casinos accept VPN players, so make sure to check with the casino you plan on staying with.

Now, the block time if BSV is nothing truly impressive, it is the same as Bitcoin, standing at 10 minutes. This means that your transactions will take a maximum of 10 minutes time to be completed. Of course, when you compare this with fiat payment methods, it is way faster, as some need days to complete a transaction. Overall, your deposits and withdrawals will take no more than 10 minutes to be completed.

Each transaction for BSV costs, on average, about $0.20. This means that even if you were to purchase BSV 50 times, you’d only pay around $10 in fees. This is a great advantage as Bitcoin and Ethereum have transactions fees between $20 and $50, depending on how congested the networks are. Low transaction costs are always a must, as this could mean you will be losing a lot in the long term, which, of course, is something that nobody wants.

If you are a low-risk player, you will be delighted to know that crypto casino games that accept BSV allow for lower entry bet of less than $0.01 when converted to USD. However, those who love higher stakes can also benefit as the upper limits are expanded usually in the thousands. This is something that fiat currencies will never accomplish, as there are certain regulations that developers must abide by, thus the impossibility to experiment.

Pros & Cons

In our previous sub-section, we mentioned the most important factors that make BSV a great cryptocurrency and BSV casinos a great place to tap into. However, there are many benefits that we could not fit within the section, so we have our favorite "pros & cons" section, where we add some additional advantages, as well as keep transparency about the disadvantages. We believe it is very important to be clear about all positives as well as negatives, because crypto casinos can sometimes be tricky, especially in terms of regulations. So without further ado, let's get straight into it.


  • Decentralization-oriented Token – Due to the semi-decentralized nature of the network and its aim to become fully decentralized, BSV offers great benefits to players who are fond of the idea of governments having nothing to do with their cryptocurrency networks.
  • Pseudonymity – Similar to Bitcoin, BSV offers its users complete pseudonymity. What this means is that you will be remaining anonymous in terms of personal information. However, because each transaction is recorded on the blockchain, if someone gets ahold of your identity, they will know all of your transactions.
  • Availability – Now, there are many people who wish to explore the crypto casino space but are restricted by regulations. However, it is good to know that BSV is available worldwide, and these restrictions are easily avoidable with the use of a VPN network. But before resorting to this, make sure the casino you choose accepts players using VPN software.
  • Network Stability – BSV is secured in the same way that Bitcoin is secured, using the mining algorithm. This ensures that the network will remain stable. It is an important factor because if BSV gets hacked in any way, people will start selling their token, rending a chunk of its value.
  • Transaction Fees & Speed – Because BSV is based on Bitcoin, it has a block time of 10 minutes, which is okay, although other tokens are way faster. The average transaction fee for BSV is about $0.20, which is within the boundaries of what is good. Other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have transaction fees that go from $20 to $50, and sometimes, even more, depending on the congestion.
  • BSV Deposit Bonuses – Some casinos offer great bonuses for deposits made with BSV or other cryptocurrencies. These can sometimes go up to %100 match of your deposit amount, allowing you to easily top up your account.



  • Lack of BSV Casinos – BSV casinos are essentially casinos that work with BSV as a payment method. However, due to the recency of its surge in popularity, the cryptocurrency is not accepted in that many crypto casinos as of yet. It will take a while for crypto casino owners to start mass integration of BSV as a payment method.
  • BSV Casinos License – It comes as no surprise that all BSV casinos have a Curacao license or operate without a license. This allows for fraudulent casinos to benefit from that and try to scam you. Make sure the casino you are staying at is popular and safe, and at least has a Curacao license. Furthermore, if you are yet to choose a casino, you can check our list of reviewed casinos.
  • Price Volatility – BSV is highly volatile, just like all other cryptocurrencies. This can mean two things. If the price falls after you make a deposit, this means that your winnings will lose value upon withdrawal. However, the opposite also stands true, as if BSV gains value after the deposit, your winnings will do too.

New Bitcoin SV Casinos

New online casinos accepting Bitcoin SV deposits

How To Buy Bitcoin SV (BSV)

BSV is not yet available on the biggest crypto exchange platform, Binance, but it is available for purchase at KuCoin, Huobi Global,, Bithumb, Bittrex, Coinone, and more. The reason why we mention Binance, is because once a cryptocurrency is listed there, its volume skyrockets.

You will also need a crypto wallet, which nowadays most crypto exchange platforms have integrated. However, if you are not interested in integrated wallets, we suggest checking out MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Exodus, etc.

How to make a deposit at a Bitcoin SV (BSV) casino?

Create and account

First, you will need to create an account and log in it, which will lead you to the homescreen.

deposit_ button

You will find a "deposit" button located in the top right corner of the website (usually).

Choose Bitcoin SV

From the cryptocurrency list, choose BSV.

Deposit BSV

You will see an address to which you will need to deposit whatever amount of BSV you want, and it will be shown within your account's balance within 10 minutes.


BSV is a great cryptocurrency for many reasons, as we explored. This makes it a beneficial token to use at crypto casinos, thus BSV casinos are a great landing point for beginners and experienced players alike. Many will find the decentralization and pseudonymity highly advantageous, while others will love the low transaction fees and low transaction time in comparison to fiat payment options.

We suggest you consider BSV casinos or at least give them a try. This is easy to do due to the low betting limits, allowing you to test such casinos for as little as $0.01 per spin at slots, for example.

As a bonus, we will leave you with our FAQ section, where you will find some unique and some condensed information.


Yes, most BSV casinos are regulated by Curacao, which is definitely not the best regulator out there, but owners have no other choice, as MGA and UKGC are not fond of the idea of cooperating with crypto casinos as of yet.

Some of the better advantages of BSV casinos are mostly based on the cryptocurrency advantages. These include, but are not limited to, low transaction fees, quick transactions, decentralization, pseudonymity, expanded betting limits.

Yes, you can. Mostly because BSV is a cryptocurrency that is available worldwide and crypto casinos sometimes accept players who use VPN software. However, just to make sure, check in with customer support whether or not the casino accpets players using such software.

The games offered by BSV casinos are not that different from what regular online casinos have to offer. However, the main categories you will be coming across are slots, table games, live casino games, sportsbook sections, as well as some unique crypto games, or sometimes even unique crypto games developed by the casino.

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